Enjoy a relaxing view of the sunset after a busy workday and indulge in a social do-it-yourself barbecue in the idyllic surroundings of the riverside. “Grill easy” is the barbecue event where you become your own barbecue chef while our kitchen staff is guiding you through the evening. Every group has their own grill to prepare different types of meat as you wish.

BBQ meat
Veal sausage
Pork sausage
Marinated pork steak
Chicken breast with curry marinade

Side dishes
Baked potatoes
Grilled corn cob
Leaf salad and mixed salads with dressing

BBQ sauce
Café de Paris sauce
Sour cream

Fruit salad
Home-made cake

«Grill easy» for 20 to max. 80 persons. 10 grill stations are at your diposal.

CHF 115.00 per person
Instruction and supervision by our head chef is included in the price.
A «grill easy» leaflet for own barbecue at home and a give-away for each participant (self-made beer marinade), setup and tear-down, as well as cleaning and service staff are included. Excluding beverages.


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