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Gift Treasure Hunting

Hand over your gifts in a special way.
We will obtain gifts for your employees and hide them in such a way that the search will certainly be exciting and varied. All gifts are illuminated so that they can be found easily in the dark or we do the search inside the hotel in nasty weather. You will also find some items with the help of an avalanche transceiver (LVS device). In groups and equipped with information leaflets and avalanche transceivers, you go on the search, which is crowned by the avalanche beacon. The tension is great and increases with every object found.

Group size: 10 to 100
Time required: 0.5 to 1.5 hours

Price: CHF 800.00 (to 10 persons)
additional person:
11 – 25 persons + CHF 40.00/person
26 – 40 persons + CHF 30.00/person


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