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Seifenkisten Race

Seifenkisten Races: the boys' and girls' dream from earlier times!
Creating something together and competing together promotes team spirit and is simply fun and enjoyable. Build your "Seifenkiste" as a team and outdoors in nature and relive those childhood memories. With the construction of a real "Seifenkiste", which is technically on a high level, robust and well thought-out, the fun factor is guaranteed. You will be accompanied by experienced event leaders from our partner agency Seifenkisten-Teamevent.

Group size: 10 to 60 (5-6 person per team)
Time required: 3 to 4 hours


CHF 2‘850.00 (10-12 person) and 2 Seifenkisten
CHF 3'350.00 (15-18 person) and 3 Seifenkisten
CHF 4'150.00 (20-24 person) and 4 Seifenkisten
CHF 4'650.00 (25-30 person) and 5 Seifenkisten 

other group sizes on request / up to 11 Seifenkisten can be built for up to 60-70 people. 



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