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Wine Comedy

Wine Comedy Laughter with wines
The ALCOMEDIAN is a WSET® certified wine expert and comedian/cabaret artist. What sounds like a contradiction is his mission: He chats wittily as a humorous sommelier about the wine on the table, about half-knowledge and attitudes. Because comedy and competence are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary! The professional alcoholic with distinction delivers fluid answers to tough questions. For this he takes the flavors on the grain, messes with wine apps and always spreads his little finger. In an epic finale, the self-proclaimed high priest of alcohol finally confronts his mortal enemy: tap wine. The layman is amazed and the expert has a great time! Because neither eyes nor throats remain dry during this fast-paced tasting.

Book the Alcomedian for 

  • Humorous reflections on wine on the table (approx. 30 minutes) and before dinner
  • The most amusing tasting you have ever experienced. Whether wine, beer or spirits; the Alcomedian combines hard-hitting facts with sparkling punchlines.
    (approx. 30 - 90 minutes)


Group size: 18 to 60
Time required: 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours

Price: from CHF 600.00 (Monday to Thursday) to CHF 1'800 (Friday to Sunday)
depending on duration and day of the week. Without dinner and drinks.


(in German or Swiss German possible)


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